Project Management for Remote Teams.

No matter where your team is located around the world, Draft helps you get organized by Projects and Tasks.

Draft provides a clear overview of the work that needs to be done, so each member of your team can just get to it - regardless of their timezone or location.

Stay on the same Page.

Thanks to Draft, your team can work side-by-side on the Projects and Tasks at hand.

An overview page lets everyone see who’s working on what, so you can make sure you’re all headed in the right direction.

Because every Person, Task, and Project are all coordinated in a single view, there’s only one source of truth: Draft.

Team workflows that feel automated.

Not everyone’s week starts at the same time. Draft helps you plan the week ahead, so it’ll help each team member cut through the noise once they get started.

A daily list of Tasks keeps everyone aligned, and a Weekly Recap at the end of the week keeps the high-fives going around.

One activity view to rule them all.

With Draft, it’s easy to organize your team’s goals for the day. From anywhere, you can set priority tasks in the Today view, spot bottlenecks easily thanks to the Pause Task feature, and remove blocking issues as you go.

Product Manager

Draft helps you see how well your team is progressing on a given Task with achievements. And because your team can mark a Task as completed in real-time, Draft helps you track success as it happens.

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Where day-to-day meets your company’s vision.

Sometimes you're hard at work on a feature, or fixing a bug. Those are the times when it can be hard to keep the company's larger goals in mind.

No matter the size of the task at hand, Draft helps your team keep that 'big picture' in view. With your master plan front and center and its evolution clearly visible, your team can stay focused on what's important.

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